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Best little Boat shop ever. Every thing from Kayaks to Pontoon Boats. They also have a large marine store and a Tackle shop.

Incredibly poor service. Four weeks for a simple repair. They won't even let you make an appointment. I will never buy another boat from this dealer.

New management is in need of customer service, does not seem to listen to what you are telling him.

They have great customer service. The mechanic really knows his stuff.

I bought a 2005 Mercury Motor Opti Max and I have to have it serviced every year for water pump problems and Rivercraft and not back the motor I could not every give Rivercraft a good rating I hope the guy that bought him out is better.

We booked with Mark, owner of Christine Transport to bring our sailboat from Florida to Canada. He told us we had to send a deposit for wide load permits prior to the pick-up. We did. Mark didn't pickup our boat as agreed. He never even called to tell us that he was cancelling. We called him

I like this company because it's like a friend is doing the job. Glen is so nice and easy to get along with that you feel comfortable. But price is what I was looking at. His company was lower than most of the competition. ( except for some, that were not really in the business.) So getting

I commissioned Glen to survey a 40' sailboat I ultimately purchased in South Carolina. The rig inspection was important to me and Glen includes inspection to masthead! His survey was very detailed and he found an area of concern that I had missed which was important in final negotiation.

These guys are great! Very profesional from my first call, they buffed out and detailed my client's 5 year yacht and left it show-room-looking. I highly reccomend them and will use them again.

Brought my yacht back-to-new looking!

This business is pretty good.

"As a new bay-boat owner (4/06), I needed a lot of help getting my boat (used 2002 Gulfstream) and accessories in "bay worthy" condition. The Southeastern Marine team has held my hand from the beginning and even now. Since owning the best boat in the world, I have added newer electronics (GPS

Their staff is horrible...

Those boys really know what they're doing!!..Great Service Great Prices too!!

Take my advice: Do not take your boat here! This was the worst experience I have ever had with any type of mechanic. I stored my boat at this location this past winter, and had them winterize it and do basic maintenance. I ended up being charged $1500 just for the maintenance and my boat

In my opinion, this boat dealer is only interested in the size of it's bankroll and in no way concerned with "Doing the right thing" for it's customers. I have had two separate experiences with this dealer and have found my previous statement to be true without question. Anybody and everybody

If you ever need service done on you engine, Never bring it to this shop. I dropped my 2750WA here, Figuring it had small problems with my 2002 evinrude DI 250. They informed me that the computer wouldn't communicate with the diagnostics, the injectors were locked open and the computer was

Marvelous! I went here for my first time this past weekend and I absolutely fell in love. My opinion may be a little bias considering that I do not frequent.

You can go on charter tours into the ocean, and see dolphins jumping. Fun way to spend an afternoon. Worth the money.

Let's go sailing.Let's go sailing!This sign has got to be the in the best location. Every single time I see it, I freaking want to go sailing. I want.

My family and I have taken at least 3 Whitewater rafting trips with ACE and every single one has been amazing. We usually go in September and October when.

South Shore Yacht Club, situated on Lake Michigan, is the largest yacht club in Wisconsin. Unlike Milwaukee Yacht Club, you'll find friendly people here.

One of the exhibitors (and sponsors, I suppose) of the Great Inland Seafood Festival. Many nice pleasure boats, some ski boats, in various price ranges on.

Ahoy there mateys! If you live in NY, and esp Manhattan, and you spend your day pounding the grimey concrete, you may forget that Manhattan is not just.

I usually go here when I have a hankering for some kayaking. It's an expansive lake with some twists and turns but nothing too dramatic. For a few bucks you.

This is my latest Sellwood discovery and wow, it is a good one. Sellwood Riverfront Park is separated from Sellwood Park and Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge by.

Captain Lucky runs a top notch organization and is a super good guy. He'll shuttle you around the Delaware with a fully stocked bar. Not that the Delaware.

This is really a great rowing club. The per year cost is low, they have great facilities including a really nice selection of singles and doubles, and it.

Fantastic! I highly recommend taking a Charleston Harbor Tour when visiting or even if you live in the Charleston area. Fantastic views of the Arthur.

If you have a big ass boat and want access to the Cumberland River, this is where you park it. Our family purchased a slip here at the Yacht Club a long.

We rent boats, jet skis, and kayaks, plus parasail rides and powered parachute rides at Lake Lewisville, just a few minutes north of Dallas. We are open.

Why oh why does every one go rafting on the Colorado River? We did a five-day family reunion type trip on the Green River with Holiday, and practically had.

We did a ten AM cruise and it was the perfect time. not a lot of people on the boat (maybe 20?) so we had tons of room. the tour was a nice geology lesson.

Directory of fishing guides available on Stillhouse Lake in Texas, near Nolanville. Information on Local Hotels, Motels, Fishing Licenses, Regulations, and.

Nice boat and you do see some great scenes on the river but spending two hours isn't that exciting. Maybe if the boat was 40 minuets at max but anything.

I will never forget this trip! I went with my family when I was 12 and my brother was 10. We had a great time helping to bring up the lobster traps and.

I was on the fence about the hour and a half cruise around the harbor when it was suggested as a group activity for us on a Saturday, but when I heard there.

Last weekend I was a guest at my sister's wedding on the Lady Pintail II yacht chartered out of Annapolis Marina. This company did a fantastic job with.

Piers Park Sailing Center is possibly the best-kept secret in Boston boating. Forget any stereotypes you have about sailors wearing blue blazers, hanging.

Diamond Jack offers a nice tour of the U.S. and Canadian sides of the Detroit River. We were fortunate to go on a beautiful day and had a wonderful tour.

Gone are the days of rolling down to your local beach to rent a canoe/kayak for less than a mortgage payment. Wheel Fun Rentals on the East side of Lake.

It's autumn, bitches! There's leaves to play in everywhere!

This is probably the cheesiest thing I'll ever do in Vegas.and yes it was my idea. It was a drag to get the bf to go, but in the end he LOVED it! It was.

Spend a day down da shore! Here you can rent a rowboat and go fishing or crabbing for a day with an outboard motor for 2-3 people for less than 100 bucks.

BOATS IN THE DESERT? But WHY?Most folks who are from somewhere else (California, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta) think New Mexico is all about desert & cactus.

I was a junior rower at ZLAC (all women's rowing club) from 95-99 and it is by far one of the all time highlights of my life. The women are amazing and.

I absolutely loved walking around the lake today for the first time. I made the full circle and now want to go back as much as possible. Being from Texas,.

The way the Thimble Island tours work is you go to Stony Point marina and several boats are running tours, generally one has just left or one will dock.

I've been here to hike along the Swamp Forest Trail and to kayak on the pond. The Swamp Forest Trail gets 4 stars and the kayaking on the pond gets 2.

This place doesn't have an actual address. That's because it's a natural SANDBAR, on the water! ; pBut it's near Haulover park. I entered in Haulover.